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Plant Propagation & Rehabilitation Technologies

Biodiversity is our Passion

Enhancing Biodiversity Compliance

Welcome to PPRT, where our story is one of dedicated environmental consultancy, specialising in biodiversity compliance. From the outset, we collaborate with our clients, offering pre-project services that encompass environmental impact assessments, biodiversity risk analyses, and thorough compliance reviews. As architects of sustainable development, our commitment extends beyond the construction phase. In the post-project landscape, we excel in biodiversity monitoring, impact assessments, and innovative mitigation strategies, ensuring every endeavor not only meets but surpasses compliance standards. Our approach blends cutting-edge science with tailored solutions, incorporating biodiversity enhancement techniques, habitat restoration, and sustainable landscaping. Choosing PPRT means choosing a proactive partner which is committed to crafting strategies that redefine environmental stewardship, leaving a positive and lasting impact on every project we undertake. Join us in shaping a future where development and ecological preservation harmoniously coexist, setting new standards for sustainable progress.

Who we are


Invasive Plant Control
Sustainable Food Production
Student Mentorship & Document Review
Research & Analysis
Environmental Rehabilitation
Biodiversity Enhancement
Biodiversity Compliance
Rehab Nursery Development
Kwezela Dragline Walkway Rehabilitation & Maintenance
Eskom Biodiversity Offset Protocol
Black Mountain Biodiversity Mitigation
Search & Rescue Survey - Coleskop Wind Energy Facility
Miombo Land Rehabilitation Research - Katanga Province, DRC

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