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Plant Propagation & Rehabilitation Technologies

Recent Projects

Discover the impact of our commitment to environmental excellence through a showcase of our recent projects. Each endeavor at PPR Technologies cc is a testament to our dedication to biodiversity compliance, sustainable practices, and innovative solutions. Explore how we've navigated complex environmental landscapes, implemented cutting-edge techniques, and exceeded compliance standards to create a positive and lasting impact. From biodiversity enhancement to rehabilitation initiatives, our recent projects reflect our passion for shaping a future where development and ecological preservation coexist harmoniously. Dive into our portfolio and witness the transformative journey towards environmental stewardship.

Miombo Land Rehabilitation Research - Katanga Province, DRC

Mining operations are required to incorporate land rehabilitation into their environmental management and biodiversity conservation plans. The goal is to facilitate the rapid regrowth and reproduction of indigenous plants and/or those compatible with the ecosystem in the project area.


PPRT has been assigned the responsibility of designing a rehabilitation trial to identify the most suitable approach for implementation in the mandated land rehabilitation efforts at Mutand Mining (Pty) Ltd and MMG Kinsevere in the Katanga region of the wetter Miombo.

Search & Rescue Survey - Coleskop Wind Energy Facility

The Coleskop Wind Energy Facility is slated for construction in the vicinity of Middelburg, located in the Eastern Cape. In accordance with the specifications outlined in the Environmental Management Programme (EMPr), the developer approached PPRT to undertake a comprehensive plant search and rescue operation to identify and protect flora species of conservation significance within the designated area of the approved development. The Coleskop WEF project area is situated in two regional vegetation units, namely:

1. The Easter upper Karoo Vegetation; and

2. The Besemkaree Koppies shrubland vegetation unit.

Black Mountain Biodiversity Mitigation

Black Mountain Mine, operated by Black Mountain Mining Pty (Ltd) is situated in the ecologically sensitive Bushmanland near Aggeneys. Black Mountain Mine is dedicated to implementing a comprehensive Biodiversity Monitoring Programme. To facilitate this, the Mine developed a monitoring protocol, the effectiveness of which needs to be assessed.

PPRT has been assigned the task of evaluating the existing Rehabilitation Monitoring protocols. The objective is to determine whether the implemented protocols are effectively contributing to the goal of achieving "no net loss" of biodiversity.

Eskom Biodiversity Offset Protocol

Eskom South Africa is embarking on a compelling research and implementation initiative. The central inquiry focuses on identifying the environmental triggers that necessitate biodiversity offset measures to counterbalance the environmental consequences of power line construction projects.

PPRT's project scope involves crafting a guideline to systematically assess the cumulative impact of power line projects, ensuring a consistent determination of when a biodiversity offset is warranted.

Kwezela Dragline Walkway Rehabilitation & Maintenance

During October to November 2020, sections of the dragline walkway spanning across various farms, namely Nooitgedacht 300 JS, Kleinwater 301 JS, Doornrug 302 JS, Rondebult 303 JA, Elandsfontein 309 JS, and Blaauwkranz 323 JS, underwent rehabilitation.

Subsequent surveys of the three designated areas were conducted in September 2021, January 2022, and April 2023. The aim of the studies were to address potential erosion resulting from rainfall. PPRT implemented follow-up interventions in October 2021, February 2022, and April 2023. Erosion control measures primarily involved a gentle approach, incorporating techniques such as puddling, small to medium soil berms, trenches, and the establishment of silt traps using brushpacking.

Mafube Pan Reconstruction

Mafube Colliery, operated by Mafube Coal Mining Pty (Ltd), has concluded its mining operations, reaching the end of its life cycle. As part of the comprehensive land rehabilitation efforts, two pans are slated for reconstruction. PPRT was approached to assist in the planning and implementation of the rehabilitation efforts.


The overarching goal of this rehabilitation is to foster the development of a functional natural ecosystem. This involves introducing key plant species that will catalyze natural succession processes and create a conducive habitat for wildlife in the vicinity of the pans. These pans also serve as integral components of a natural corridor, facilitating a migration route for wildlife between existing natural areas surrounding the mine. PPRT is primarily tasked with the propagation and establishment of the vegetation to support these ecological objectives.

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